Quick Tour

Quick Tour

monthly or weekly views

Easy to view and edit schedule in monthly or weekly view.

simple member management

All client data (visits, purchases, passes, CRM) stored in one place.

client Site and app

Configurable Client Site and Client App for members to register and purchase.

retail tab

Staff can easily navigate to the retail tab to purchase products, passes or memberships- using a computer, tablet or phone.


Excellent reporting options, all in once place!  Can be filtered to suit and “on-click” exported to spreadsheet, PDF, or print.

class registration

Sign in and manage class registration in one place, scan key tags upon arrival, quick buy products or search a member.

Target marketing

Target marketing tools so you can easily manage promotions and sales. Precision targeting for impactful marketing campaigns – your key to driving business growth and success. Tailor your communication and promotions based on specific client behaviors and preferences. 


Discover the power of our Client Mailers feature! Effortlessly generate reports for members who haven’t visited within a specified timeframe, track who bought certain passes but haven’t committed yet, engage with clients loyal to a specific teacher’s class and easily sort clients by classes remaining, etc.

Your All-in-One Solution for Class Scheduling and Client Management.

ScheduleHouse is an online scheduling, retail and client management software system designed for any business that schedules classes.

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