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Training & Support

We know quick response is critical to client satisfaction, our mission is to provide an exceptional client experience. In fact, this is one of the reasons clients switch to ScheduleHouse!

The ScheduleHouse team has provided superior support to our clients for over a decade. We will set you up with a dedicated support person who gets to know you and your database, for quick and accurate response. No more having to re-explain yourself to a different person each time and have items fall through the cracks.

To ensure a great implementation and learning of the system, the same ScheduleHouse staff member who takes your though your training will become your same key support contact – this allows them to become familiar with your database and provide support in a much quicker and more meaningful manner.

Switching from an existing system?

ScheduleHouse Desktop and Apps

No problem. We have an easy process to transfer your existing data, including client history, into your new ScheduleHouse platform. We do this for you, provide quality control to ensure all data is properly converted, then train you with your data.

Our team will work closely with you and guide you through the process to provide a seamless switchover for you and your members.

ScheduleHouse is an online scheduling, retail and client management software system designed for any business that schedules classes.

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